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For centuries native breed British wool has been highly prized around the world. It has created great wealth which was used to build many of the historic churches and buildings which we still enjoy today.

I decided to source yarns from beautiful native breed sheep and dye them in my studio. I have obtained high quality Cotswold and Jacob fleeces and arranged for them to be spun in a small mill in Wales. I will have the spun yarns returned to me in the Autumn.

Each dye is made in my workshop from locally sourced materials that have been foraged in a sustainable way.  Waste material from the process is disposed of in an eco-friendly way by composting. I dye small batches so that the colours produced are unique. Natural dyes produce gorgeous soft shades that blend well with each other.

I mordant the wool with Alum and Cream of Tartar to fix the dyes when necessary. Colours  from natural dyes may fade and change slightly over time. The mordanting  process  reduces this as much as possible .

The wool and garments need to be hand washed in warm water using a very mild detergent (I use Ecover washing liquid).   Squeeze the water out gently and do not wring. Then place on a towel  to remove excess water and lie flat to dry. Always  store wool out of direct sunlight.

I hope that you enjoy working with this yarn.

To purchase yarn please link to my on-line store