Printmaking Cards


Printmaking cards

A collagraph print is made using a method where materials are applied to a printmaking plate or lines are cut into the plate. After the plate has been made, ethcing inks are applied and cleaned from the surface. The inks that remain in the lines form the print. The paper is soaked and blotted before placement over the printing plate and is then passed through an etching press.

Here are some examples of my work. Collagraph prints and greeting cards, which have been made from my work, are available to order. If you click on the thumbnail a larger image will display:

Blue Flames Cow Parsley Fire Bird
Forest Fire Pomegranate Germination
Hydrangea Lisianthus Sea bed
Tempest 1 Tempest 11 Tree of Life 1
Tree of Life 11 Vessel Vortex